Donald Trump made his disregard for people with disabilities clear on the campaign trail when he mocked a reporter with a disability. Now, as president, Trump is threatening devastating cuts to critical programs for people with disabilities. Trump’s budget even breaks one of his signature campaign promises—to not cut Social Security—specifically targeting benefits for people with disabilities.

Meanwhile, as part of their efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Trump and his colleagues in Congress are seeking to end Medicaid as we know it, jeopardizing essential coverage and services for the more than 15 million people with disabilities who receive Medicaid. As if that weren’t enough, Trump’s budget even calls for ending all funding for the Limb Loss Resource Center, the Paralysis Resource Center, and even the Special Olympics. Perversely, these cuts would fall hardest on areas of the country that voted for Trump, which face  higher rates of disability.

Find out below what’s at stake for people with disabilities in your congressional district.

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