Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Agency serves a vital role as the nation’s top environmental watchdog. By gutting the agency’s budget, the House of Representatives and President Trump are making it easier for bad actors to pump more pollution into our air and water. 

The proposed cuts would drastically reduce funding for toxic waste cleanups; eliminate programs to reduce children’s exposure to lead; decimate funding for scientific research on air and water quality; and take environmental cops off the beat by slashing funding for polluter enforcement. The Trump budget would even eliminate funding for a program to protect our water supplies from potential terrorist threats, such as intentional contamination.

As air quality worsens, the nearly 22 million Americans with asthma will suffer. These budget cuts would also slow the cleanup of toxic waste sites—which are located in nearly every congressional district in the country. And these cuts will fall hardest on communities of color: More than half of all people who live near a hazardous waste facility in the United States are people of color.

Find out below how many people with asthma and toxic waste sites are in your congressional district.

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